Will web development get automated?

Automation will help with repetitive and meaningless tasks. Of course, web developers can expect some of their tasks to disappear due to automation, but those tasks won't be anything that special, according to Randolph. No, it's not possible in the current scenario, since AI isn't advanced enough to do so. If we take a look at AI, we see that its functionality depends on the set of rules we define and even if we use machine learning, its functionality will depend on the quality of the data set.

You'll have a complete infrastructure to develop, test, execute and view changes in near real time. Yes, there are a lot of platforms available that are simplifying the entire web development process to some extent, but still, they're not good enough. I love learning new things and am passionate about JavaScript development on both the front end and back end. Web development is a complex process, it is possible that AI will improve and can write much better code than a website developer, but it is also true that AI does not have the capacity to think innovatively where humans have this ability, and this allows them to think about creative ideas and develop a design of unique website.

Web development will be based on the new technologies introduced and web developers will continue to program to create fully interactive AI-powered websites, design supersoftware and help build programmable megachines. It is true that AI has started writing code and showing some advances in this area, but it is also true that it is in the initial phase. There are a few areas where AI can surely help programmers by simplifying the web development process. Industry analysts observed that web developer jobs were affected by continuous transformative advances in technology.

However, design and development are different disciplines carried out by different people on a team, which may include software developers and other IT professionals. That is the competence of web developers, to ensure that the user receives the right information and data. The designer is generally responsible for the development of the interface of a website, such as its design, features and functionality. The user experience and the user interface are very personal and subjective activities that are the result of how a web developer created and designed a website.

After all, just as it takes trained people to take off and land an airplane, not all web development processes and tasks can be put on autopilot.

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