Will web development be automated reddit?

Part of most of the SDLC loops is cost reduction, which usually means outsourcing. However, eventually the software needs to be rebuilt. However, eventually the software needs to be rebuilt because it obviously undergoes all the horrible coding you get for just 35 cents a day. Regarding the automation of the interface.

Everyone wants their product to be a special snowflake. And this means that web developers not only develop for the web, but also develop for compatibility between devices, mobile applications and desktop software. Or look at it this way, the day when robots can replace developers is when you have more problems to worry about than your job. It's very difficult to get an entry-level job in web development, but it won't be automated in the near future (although some useful tools are emerging).

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can automate a lot of things, but you can't automate creativity. Automated options, drag-and-drop creators, etc. simply give them the same website that millions of people have. If you have doubts about learning web development because you're afraid that one day your work will be automated, you'd better sit at home all day for fear that some superbugs will wipe out the world's population.

This means that web development tasks that are automated must be identified, studied and automated on an individual basis, and it is prohibitive to try to address all of these scenarios. I think that the brochure sites that are required to have a web presence are likely to pass into the hands of companies like Squarespace, and I consider this a form of automation. I shared my idea of dedicating myself to web development with my father, who just retired from being a systems analyst. The main problem in software development is that the customer doesn't know what they really want until they see it.

However, what we have is an enormous growth in web applications and start-ups that are much more complex and cannot be automated. If web development were automated and left developers out of work, could they start working, such as AI development or Android development, etc. Most of the value of your developer salary (in any discipline) consists of obtaining useful requirements from your stakeholders and combining them with their domain knowledge to produce a usable system that meets your requirements.

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