How do i find someone to build a website?

This way, you can learn about their personal experience firsthand, in addition to having the opportunity to evaluate the final delivery that the freelancer produced, in good faith. Make sure you hire someone to develop sites on your preferred platform. Find a freelancer who can work on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Woocommerce, etc. Even website builders, although their templates are great, can cause headaches if you're a perfectionist.

With the website builder, you can easily add plugins, SEO tags, a content management system, and other functions. Using a website builder regardless of skill is practical because it makes it easier to create the site. If you're curious, learning basic HTML and CSS is a fun side project, and it can open up other options, such as customizing the templates available in website builders, creating a simple HTML website from scratch (ideal for a personal website), or playing with smaller platforms like Ghost. There are a number of problems when choosing to create your company's website with one of these tools (or something similar).

The truth is that you don't necessarily need a web design expert or a web design agency to create a business website. In your time as a small business owner, you've likely encountered your fair share of “do it yourself” website builder ads. If visitors are starting to increase, you can consider integrating plugins, themes, and other premium customizations on your website. While it may have been necessary to master coding a few years ago, there are now dozens of simple tools that will allow you to create your own website without learning to program and are relatively cheap.

If your website has more marketing purposes and you don't sell anything directly from it, creating it yourself isn't that risky.

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