10 Most Famous Web Designers and Their Work

The web industry is full of talented people who have made a name for themselves in the design world. From Mike Kus to Dave Shea, these 10 famous web designers have made a lasting impact on the industry. Mike Kus (opens in new tab) is a designer and illustrator who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He has created logos, websites, and illustrations for companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

His work is known for its bold colors and unique style. Shane Mielke (opens in new tab) is a designer and creative director who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He has created websites, logos, and illustrations for companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Microsoft. His work is known for its modern style and use of vibrant colors.

Abby Covert is a senior information architect at Etsy and specializes in offering collaborative information architecture processes, as well as teaching those she works with along the way. She speaks and writes under the pseudonym Abby the IA, focuses on sharing information architecture content with those working in the design and technology communities, and is the co-founder of World AI Day. She is also the author of How to Make Sense of Any Mess (opens in a new tab), a book on information architecture for everyone. If there's one man in the web industry who probably doesn't need an introduction, it's Ethan Marcotte.

One of the best-known designers on the web, Marcotte is a regular and popular speaker on the conference circuit and, in his own words, the one who started all that “adaptive web design” (opens in a new tab) thing.Big Drop Inc is one of the top custom web design firms right now. They can elevate their entire business concept and create a complete online presence focused on it. You'll be happy with the results, and you'll probably notice more traffic coming to your site.Webpage FX is a team of talented people who love helping their clients succeed online. This custom web design firm is Pennsylvania's leading firm among small and medium-sized businesses.

They put the user experience at the top of their list of priorities.Kohactive is a perfection in both interaction and innovation, and is one of the world's leading firms. Kohactive offers customers the dynamic and innovative service they need to succeed in the online business world. Kohactive professionals improve sites in terms of conversion, engagement and functionality. They communicate with each customer to ensure that their professional perspective and vision come true through the e-commerce campaign.The Nethawks has 5 years of experience in the field of website design and development.

No matter what category of websites you're looking for - retail, marketing, catalog, retailer or other - you won't regret the decision to choose them.Skuba Design is a full-service agency. They produce customer product pages in the most striking, innovative and attractive way. They are also capable of developing and creating content, market research, social media optimization, direct marketing and brand strategy.Dave Shea is most famous for his CSS project Zen Garden (opens in a new tab), which helped drive the shift from table-based web design to CSS-based designs. In fact, it's funny but the more famous web designers are (writing articles and books, speaking at conferences, managing their own blogs and courses, creating tools and creating their own agencies), the less likely they are to include a portfolio of work on their site.

However, these 10 famous web designers are still willing to share some of their work on their websites.

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