Will Web Development Die Out? An Expert's Perspective

As technology advances, it's natural to wonder if web development will become obsolete. After all, with the advent of drag-and-drop website builders, it's easier than ever to create a website. But is this really the death knell for web development?The answer is no. While it's true that website builders make it easier to create a basic website, they are limited in their capabilities.

For complex problems, it's still the responsibility of the engineer to break down the problem into smaller parts. This means that web developers are still needed for more complex tasks.In addition, web development is at the core of many real companies. Even app-based companies have web applications that they use for their administrators, moderators, etc. Take Robinhood, a stock trading application, for example.

They provide web applications for users in addition to their app.It's also important to note that website builders like Wix are ideal for small businesses and family stores that need a website for their bakery. However, these sites won't replace large scale web applications. This is because they are limited by their own internal programming and lack the flexibility of an application.The barrier to entry for simple things such as a marketing site or a CRUD application will continue to decrease. But there are still worlds of complexity that need to be considered, in addition to all the legacy material that exists and works perfectly.

No Wordpress or Squarespace site will be flexible enough for anything more serious than a blog or small business page.The demand for web developers is still high and growing. With the expansion of fields such as IoT, AI, data science, machine learning, NLP and cryptocurrency, there is an increasing need for specialized developers with web experience.If you want to focus on things on the server side, such as developing services for scalability or specialized data processing, you'll need to look into different relational and non-relational databases (MySQL is a good start). You'll also need to consider scalability issues.In conclusion, web development is here to stay - at least for the foreseeable future. It's true that website builders make it easier to create basic websites, but they can't replace the complexity and flexibility of an application created by a web developer.

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